Designed With A Passion And Commitment To Simplifying IoT For Our
Customers With A Customer-Aligned Focus Towards Operational Efficiencies. Through The Intelligent Use Of Trusted Technologies, We Solve Real Business Problems.

Dax Wireless is a Global IoT and Digital Enterprise Transformation Solution Provider.

Our IoT platform incorporates Connectivity, Device and Service management, Integration, Data Analytics and Visualization.

The platform is designed to assimilate new and emerging IoT technologies as well as seamlessly blend with your existing IT investments.

Our mission is to enable customers to realize optimal business potential through increased Operational Performance.

Our Team

Dedicated To Your Success

The Dax Wireless team is dedicated to being your partner along your technological journey. Our goal when working closely with clients is to help them understand how IoT can provide value to their businesses through visibility of remote assets and the analytics of the rich data they yield.

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James Grant

James studied at McGill University, Montreal, and is now completing his doctorate at UCLA. He has six years of experience in managing company finances, directing investment decisions, and developing business strategy and risk management.

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Richard Grant

Rich holds a doctorate from the University of Detroit Mercy, a Master's Degree from Saint Louis University and his undergraduate education was in business at Western University. He has 20 years of experience in owning and managing businesses.

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Carmelo Andrews

Carmelo studied Chemical Engineering at Ryerson University, Toronto. He spent 12 years working in the R&D and Quality Control departments in both the Oil and Cosmetics, Fragrances and Household Products industries.
He also has 23 years of experience working in senior IT roles with major clients in both the public and private sectors in Mining, Law, Finance, Telecom, Retail, Software Development, and Manufacturing & Distribution.