IoT Hub – an open, integration platform for simplifying
and bringing together the IoT components

We manage your enterprise IoT solutions by offering end-to-end IoT lifecycle services
to minimize the impact and operational cost to your business.


Access our partnerships with Tier 1 multi-networks to provide a stable and secure connectivity via our multi-network infrastructure.


Merging Data Analytics and IoT will positively impact businesses.
Access the analytic tools within our core IoT services to implement effective decision-making processes.


Visualize your IoT data in real-time via our online portal. Whether it be to gain business insights, or as a tool for proof-of-concept, seeing your data is a crucial part of your IoT solution.

A modular and flexible platform that connects sensory information to middleware software which allows for real-time remote monitoring, analysis and control of devices (“Things”).

IoT Hub connects businesses to the internet of things

This secure and scalable platform provides the infrastructure to seamlessly manage and monitor your IoT landscape from a single view point. Intuitive and powerful device management features gather data from your assets and other equipment to deliver actionable intelligence to decision makers.

Fully managed connectivity for your IoT solution

IoT Hub connectivity management feature ensures that your IoT devices are connected, and monitors that connection 24/7 to enable reliable, secure and cost-efficient delivery of your IoT services anywhere in the world.

Let us put you on the pathway towards success
with our expertise, experience and IoT solutions