Managed IoT Solutions

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IoT is about business transformation, creating opportunities that will revolutionize operations. Market leaders have recognized its ability to improve business outcomes and reshape industries and competitive landscapes. Linking people, machines and buildings is driving efficiency and innovation, raising customer expectations.

The Internet of Things is about business transformation, creating opportunities that will revolutionize operations. It is about managed IoT services leveraging data to create new opportunities in everyday life. Market leaders and data analytics services have recognized its ability to improve business outcomes and reshape industries and competitive landscapes. Embedded IoT solutions that connect wired and wireless networks to specific tasks are the cornerstone of a growing market. IoT application services are linking people, machines, and buildings through global connectivity, driving efficiency and innovation and raising customer expectations but also creating some anxiety. The IoT is about data and the deployment of connected devices that rely on that wireless data. Everyone now has the potential to wirelessly access essential consumer data from a network, whether they are permitted to or not. The potential for data to be intercepted and stolen will keep data security services busy trying to stay one step ahead of those looking to take advantage of IoT. You want a trusted, expert source of IoT solutions with the expertise of the specialists who work for Dax Wireless to move your business forward and maintain a competitive and secure technological edge on the IoT landscape.

IoT connectivity management

IoT Connectivity Management

Dax Wireless provides fast, secure and reliable global network connectivity to support your IoT business needs. Our world-class ecosystem of telecom and technology partners enables us to provide you with comprehensive tools and resources you need for cost-effective IoT deployment, management of your entire SIM estate, and real-time monitoring of your connectivity status.

IoT Managed Services

IoT Hardware Solutions

With so many technical details and options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to deploy an IoT strategy that effectively fulfills the requirements of your business objectives. Let our team guide you to choose the right components you need that aligns with the skills of your team, your business model and your time to market objectives.

IoT Application Services

IoT Devices

As a single source provider, we can help with scoping and technical design of an IoT solution, bringing understanding and hands-on experience with relevant solution components such as devices, networks, security models and business applications.
A fully managed service that allows you to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest data from millions of globally dispersed devices.

IoT Location-Based Services

IoT Location-Based Services

Location-based services enable businesses to achieve end-to-end visibility for all IoT devices, improve operations, embrace new technologies and receive data-rich location insights for better decision making. Confidence in knowing the location and status of IoT devices empowers businesses to focus on other mission-critical activities and can result in optimizations and cost savings.

IoT Endpoint Lifecycle Management

IoT Endpoint Lifecycle Management

IoT device lifecycle management is the key element for industries to have complete insight and control of their devices infrastructure. Given the complexity of today’s IoT landscape, lifecycle and asset management goes beyond making a list of assets and monitoring them. It entails figuring out the best assets for your company’s needs, how to maximize and manage their lifecycle, ensuring compliance and security across all assets, handling disposal, and everything in between.